Agam Communication and Information Office Reports 13 Blank Spot Locations in 2022

Agam Communication and Information Office Reports 13 Blank Spot Locations in 2022

KURENAH.COM – The Agam Communication and Information Office reported the existence of 13 locations with blank spots in 2022.

According to Jhoni Indra, the Head of the Technology and Information Division of Agam, blank spots refer to areas that do not receive communication signals, whether for phone or internet. His statement was made on Monday, January 29, 2024.

Some areas identified as blank spots include 3 points in the Tanjung Mutiara sub-district in Bukik Malintang, Nagari Tiku Utara, Subang-subang, and Labuhan, Nagari Tiku V Jorong.

Furthermore, 2 points in the Lubuk Basung sub-district in Kubu Anau, Nagari Manggopoh, and Parik Panjang, Nagari Lubuk Basung, as well as 2 points in the Palembayan sub-district, namely in Silungkang, Nagari Tigo Koto Silungkang.

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In addition, 6 points are located in the Palupuah sub-district, including in Lurah Dalam, Nagari Pasia Laweh, Pagadih Mudiak, Pagadih Hilia, Tigo Kampuang, Banio Baririk, and Bateh Gadang Nagari Pagadih.

Jhoni explained that the survey was conducted in 2022 at government offices such as the walinagari office, community health center, and others. However, in 2023, no survey was conducted.

The Communication and Information Office has taken steps to reduce blank spots by submitting proposals and reports to the center through the Pastibakti and Signal applications.

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Jhoni mentioned several factors causing blank spots, including the vast and undulating terrain contour, geographical conditions, and weather factors. (*)

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